10 Fantastic Neck Tattoo Designs To Show Off

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If you are thinking of getting a tattoo on your neck then you may not want to think too long as the neck tattoos are the sexiest and coolest designs in the town. The decision about getting the perfect design on your neck can be a little intriguing as there are many such wonderful designs you can choose from. Of course the rule is to go with that tattoo design that goes well with your personality and likes. Before you actually go through some images on the internet and get one done amongst them, you need to definitely check these super and sweet tattoo designs that are perfect for your neck.

Water color ribbon

This water color ribbon tattoo on the back neck looks really realistic on this lady with a fair complexion. Look at the color she has chosen for her complexion, this is the kind of choice you have to make when you need to match the tattoo with your complexion. The tattoo looks really pretty on the lady no matter which outfit she wears. But the best suited outfit would definitely be something with a wide backless dress.water color ribbon


Infinite love

Along with the placement of the tattoos the idea for the design is also pretty cool. This tattoo has a wonderful meaning all together three things, a heart, infinity and love. It simply says that the wearer is expressing infinite love on someone. For more tattoo designs with their meanings you can check out 10 Wonderful Tattoo Designs And Their Fantastic Meaningsinfinite love[Source]

Feather tattoo

This feather tattoo placed at the back of the ear is really worth to try for. But one thing that has to be noted here is with the kind of hairstyle you are going to follow after getting this tattoo done. A pony, braid or a bun can only keep the tattoo visible to others.feather tattoo[Source]


Having a ship tattoo on the side of your neck is actually a lot to ask for. People who love travelling usually choose the ship as their symbol of personality. Just go for a realistic work when you are getting this design inked on you.ship[Source]


A cross is not just a symbol of religion but it is a symbol of positivity. Having a cross with the feather on the center back of your neck is a good choice if you are planning for a perfect neck tattoo.cross[Source]

3D butterfly

The butterfly tattoos are fantasy for any girl. The placement of the butterfly tattoos looks perfect almost anywhere on your body. Giving 3D effects to the tattoo will be much loved by people around you. This butterfly tattoo design on the side of the neck looks so elegant and beautiful all together.3D butterfly[Source]

Cute bat

Yet another tattoo behind the ears and this time it is the cute bats. Bats are creepy and night loving animals, so you know what the wearer is about to say about herself.cute bat[Source]


This bird is considered to be a symbol of protection and sacred knowledge. The owl tattoo designs and owl pendants and other accessories are the most asked designs by some of the geeks.owl[Source]


A scorpion tattoo can look greatly exotic on a man or a woman. This design is a great image for someone who wants a tattoo with a little bit of edgy or one that is rather extra ordinary.scorpion[Source]


You can choose to have a lovely key tattoo on the back of your neck if you choose to unlock. The key tattoo design is often used as a metaphor or a cliché for secret. A key is also a mystery which is very interesting because you don’t really know what it unlocks.key[Source]

Let us be honest here! The neck tattoos are indeed painful but of course that is a perfect choice since that is the part of your body which is most seen apart from your face. You need not be worried about the implications of having a neck tattoo done because they can also be hidden whenever you wish to. You can just let your hairs loose and cover up the tattoos or use a stole to cover the tattoo spot whenever the situation occurs. You still can have a job with the neck tattoos!

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