20-Minute Jump Rope Workout to Get You in Shape

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A jump rope is one of the best workout equipment you can own. It’s affordable, portable and burns lots of calories. The truth is, you can get fit and leaner using nothing but a jump rope.

Jumping rope is my favorite cardio exercise because it improves cardiovascular health and builds muscles. In fact, this exercise builds the stubborn calf muscles. And you will never get bored with it since there are so many jump rope tricks to learn.

But before I show you this 20-minute workout, here are a few jump rope tips you should know:

Use a speed jump rope: Speed ropes are the best for folks who want to jump fast and learn new tricks. Plus, they don’t hurt like weighted jump ropes when you hit yourself.

Adjust rope length properly: You’ll keep messing up if your rope is too long or too short. To adjust your jump rope, place both feet in the middle of the rope then adjust the handles to reach armpit-height. Note that skilled jumpers can use shorter ropes.

Land on the balls of your feet: Your heels should never touch the floor when jumping rope. Landing on the balls of your feet will lower risk of injury and allow you to jump for long without getting exhausted.

Don’t swing your arms: Bend your elbows and keep your arms beside the ribcage, then use the rotation of your wrist to swing the rope.

Don’t jump high: Most folks jump high to avoid messing up, but this will only tire you out fast. Your feet should only be a few inches off the floor when you jump.

In this video I talk about the common jump rope mistakes to avoid. Now, let’s look into the 20-minute jump rope workout.

The 20-Minute Jump Rope Workout

Jump each variation for four minutes and feel free to rest if you can’t jump for four minutes nonstop. Take one-minute rest between variations.

1. Four-minute alternating jumps

After the first swing, land on the left leg then land on the right leg after the second swing and keep alternating legs.

2. Four-minute double leg jumps

Keep your legs together then jump with both legs after every swing. Keep your knees slightly bent to reduce impact on the joint.

3. Four-minute high knee jumps

This is somewhat similar to the first variation. In each jump, lift your knees as high as possible and alternate legs after each swing.

4. Four-minute side to side jumps

Jump to the left side after the first swing then to the left after the second swing. Keep alternating sides after each swing.

Start doing this jump rope workout to get in shape and improve cardiovascular health.

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