Caleh Posted a Picture of Her Loose Skin, and This Is the Important Reason…

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Caleh Cristler recently shared this honest photo of herself with a caption we all need to read. “Loose skin? Stretch marks? Yeah, I’ve got them all! 👌🏼 Muscles? Endurance? I’ve got those too. 😘 Ladies, stop reducing your worth to a number on the scale, the way your body looks, or what you consider to be flaws. You’re perfect the way you are!”

Loose skin is not a flaw! Neither are belly rolls or cellulite. They’re completely normal, and most women have them, so try not to see them as a bad thing or allow them to trigger unhealthy habits or self-sabotaging thoughts. Here’s one thing you can do about it: accept it! Love it for what it means and for how far you’ve come, and remember that it doesn’t define who you are as a person.

Caleh added, “You might want to get healthier, you might want to lose some weight, you might want to gain some muscle…whatever YOU want! Don’t let anyone else make you feel anything less than gorgeous, because that’s exactly what you are…gorgeous.”

So what if magazines or most of the Instagram photos you scroll through don’t show loose skin? Seek out the posts that do. It’ll help you realize how normal it is and also remind you not to focus all your attention on the things you wish were different about your body. Focus on all the things you love about yourself, what your body has done, and what it can help you achieve!

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