Clear Your Sinuses With Just Your Fingers. Here’s How

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Being able to perform a lymph drain massage can be very beneficial. This is a self-massage that will not take you more than 15 minutes to complete. However, the results from this massage can give you a lot of relief in the long run. The technique required to perform this massage will not take you more than ten minutes to learn. So, read carefully.


Lymph drainage massage is performed to get relief from sinus-related problems as well as cure seasonal allergies and the common cold. However, the benefits from this form of massage are not limited to the ones mentioned above. This massage technique is said to improve the overall health condition of any person.

What Is The Lymph Drainage Massage? 

The lymph drainage massage is a technique used to increase the flow of lymph throughout your body by up to ten times its regular volume. Lymph is situated within lymph nodes that are situated in several parts of your body more specifically the armpits neck and groin (1). Lymph fluid is used to flush out toxins, waste materials as well as excess amounts of proteins from your body. On top of that, our bodies also use lymph fluid when we need to fight infections and other diseases. Furthermore, lymph fluid also helps calm our nerves and allow us to relax.

According to lymph drainage massage experts, it is best to perform the self-massaging technique the moment you start to notice that you are developing a cold. By acting fast and increase the flow of lymph fluid throughout your body, you can reduce the effects of, if not totally avoid, a cold. You can also perform this massage after a stressful and long day at work in order to calm yourself down and help you relax. Many health experts suggest that you should end a yoga/gym workout by performing a lymph drainage massage for your body to begin its recovery process.

This massage is completely harmless to perform. Do not be afraid to perform it as many times as you want in a day as long as you feel you are gaining benefits by performing the massage. It does not matter even if you are unwell; experts believe that everyone should have their lymph nodes drained at least once a week.

Why Should You Drain Your Lymph Nodes? 

If your body does not drain lymph fluid from the lymph nodes, harmful toxins can start collecting in your lymph nodes leading to lymphedema. Lymphedema causes your arms and legs to swell due to the excess lymph fluid present within your lymph nodes (2). If you regularly perform lymph drainage massage, you can help cure yourself of lymphedema and bring down any swelling in your body. Furthermore, lymph drainage massage helps stabilize the functioning of your lymphatic system.

You do not need to be skilled in the art of massaging in order to perform the lymph drainage massage. There is no requirement of applying a great amount of pressure or be able to use your fingers in a unique manner. The whole idea behind this self-massage is the fact that it needs to be performed gently and that everyone is able to perform it by themselves.

In order to perform the massage, you need to first locate the area on your body that needs to be massaged. The best way to do this is to first inspect your body for any sort of swelling or irregular shapes. These areas are most likely close to the region of lymph nodes that are most commonly found in the neck, armpit and groin regions as mentioned above. Once you have located the area that needs to be massaged, all you need to do is gently rub the region as if you were trying to flatten a piece of dough. The key behind this massage is to be as gentle and delicate as possible. If you apply a great deal of pressure, you could not only make the entire massage futile; you could also risk exacerbating the swelling.

The good news is that the majority of our lymph nodes are situated very close to the surface of our skin. This makes it very easy to locate and massage the affected areas without requiring any formal training in the art of massaging. Make sure you only use the tip of your fingers while performing the lymph drainage massage as it helps ensure your touch is as gentle as possible.

By spending only 15 minutes each day on massaging your lymph nodes, you can help your lymphatic system in a great manner. Being able to increase the flow of lymph fluid in your body can ensure that you are free of any harmful, toxic and waste materials and that all your body systems are operating smoothly.

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