Fungus Found in Hawaii Gives Women Spontaneous Orgasms

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As if you needed yet another reason to visit Hawaii, you can now add one more to that list. Although, you may need to rearrange the order and put this at the very top because come on, coconuts are nice, but orgasms are better.

Back in 2001, John Holliday and Noah Soule were the first to “officially” discover the still unnamed Dictyophora species (aka, mushroom). Upon hearing that there was a bright orange mushroom that could make women orgasm they set out in search of this unusual fungus said to only grow in the 600-10,000 year old lava flows of Hawaii.

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To explore the claims further, Holliday and Soule performed a scientific study involving 16 women and 20 men. This smell test concluded that while the men in the study found the odor to be rather disgusting, six of the women did experience spontaneous orgasms. The women who did not climax were recorded as having had accelerated heartrates and received a t-shirt for the efforts.

Holliday and Soule recorded their findings in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms (yes, that is a thing) and concluded that “the hormone compounds present in the volatile portion of the spore mass may have some similarity to human neurotransmitters released during sexual encounters.”

To say that this study was conclusive and/or even scientifically valid would be a bit of a stretch and why this magical fungi hasn’t been explored further is a complete mystery to me. Who gives a shit about the female orgasm when there is plenty of Viagra to go around, right?

So, alas, while I won’t be going to Hawaii anytime soon to sniff random mushrooms, I wouldn’t mind giving this orange fungus a whiff. If there’s a 38% chance I can get off without having to get undressed or ask some guy his name, I’m all in.

And lastly, why the hell is this fungus among us still unnamed???

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