GREAT News! Drinking Wine at Bedtime Can Help You Lose Weight!

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If you’re struggling to lose weight but find yourself peckish around bedtime, try swapping your midnight snack for a glass of wine. A recent article in VinePair suggests that drinking wine as a nighttime nosh can aid in weight loss. Hallelujah!

Linda Monk lost six pounds in three weeks and partially credits her weight loss to a nightly glass of wine. According to Monk, the wine curbs her cravings for sweets and other unhealthy snacks. “My long-held desire to snack on sweets, biscuits and chocolate after my dinner has disappeared,” she said.

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Samantha Merritt agrees, claiming that “the calories don’t seem to have made an impact on the bathroom scales… Now, I can happily say no to a dessert and I treat myself to a glass or two around four nights a week.”

According to the Daily Mail, researchers at Harvard University studied 20,000 women over a 13-year period and found that those who drank half a bottle of wine (about two glasses) daily reduced their risk of obesity. In addition, studies have revealed that drinking red wine can help burn fat.

Of course, the trick here is to replace your typical after-dinner nibbles with wine, rather than add the libation to your snacking routine. Wine has fewer calories and less fat than many unhealthy foods. Check out some of these comparisons to other snacks:

Glass red wine 
Calories: 135
Fat: 0g

Glass white wine 
Calories: 120
Fat: 0g

Slice of cake
Calories: 235
Fat: 10.5g

Ice cream (One cup, Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip)
Calories: 300
Fat: 16g

Cool Ranch Doritos (1 oz., about 10-15 chips)
Calories: 150
Fat: 8g

Moderation, of course, is key. While a glass or two may be fine, bingeing on a bottle every evening might not be such a great idea.

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Also keep in mind that for some people, alcohol can impair sleep. While it may induce sleep at first, studies show that people are more likely to wake up during the night and feel less rested in the morning.

But if you drink responsibly and reap the benefits, then go ahead and raise your glass. You just may shed a few pounds, and besides, it’s common knowledge that wine makes everything better.

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