People Are Losing Their Minds Over The Real Reason Why Chopsticks Have That Bit You Break Off

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Like most people, I love a cheeky Chinese takeaway. No dinner can bring me more pleasure than a number 3, number 42 and number 101, maybe even with a lovely side of number 12. And, of course, I like to adhere to the traditions of Chinese cuisine and consume my chow mien using the disposable chopsticks the restaurant have kindly provided for me.
However, until today, I’ve never understood what that large wooden tab on the end of the chopsticks was for. I’ve always assumed it was just from the manufacturing process, and a way to keep both chopsticks connected together.

Well, it’s true what they say; “when you assume, you make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’”.
It turns out that little wooden tab holds much more purpose in this world than most people even realise, and in fact, it could actually make our dining experiences a little bit more comfortable.
So, here it is. Prepare to have your mind blown;

Yes, that useless piece of wood you never paid any attention to is actually a little rest for you chopsticks, in order to prevent you dirtying your table cloth.
I mean, what next? Is the sky red? Is my auntie really my uncle? Have I actually been sexy enough to approach women in bars this whole time? Probably.
So, how is the internet taking this news? Well, as you’d expect, this tiny little revelation has absolutely shocked people across the globe;

Then again, there’s always those people amongst us that never actually got to grips with chopsticks;

I mean, has my whole life been a lie? Am I really living in some reality TV show like The Truman Show, because it sure feels that way.
I swear, when my children have the ability to communicate, the first thing I’m going to make sure they know is this – because nobody should have to go through 24 years of life not knowing this simple things like I have.

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