Teen Invents Bra That Can Save Millions After Mom Nearly Dies Of Breast Cancer

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Julian Rois Cantu is 13-years old boy and his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. This diagnosis shocked the entire family and everyone was very sad.

Julian’s mother previously struggled with this deadly disease but unfortunately, she had a double mastectomy. Her son recalled: “The diagnosis came too late. My mother lost both of her breasts and almost her life”.

This even served as an inspiration for Julian and he was inspired and encouraged to try to do anything he can and help other women to detect breast cancer while it is in the early stages. He wanted to help women and make their life easier.

Doctors explain that majority women neglect or simply cannot recognize the subtle body changes, which, as a matter of fact, sometimes are quite difficult to notice. That is the reason why this deadly disease often is detected when it is already too late and the consequences are disastrous.

Julian now is 18 years old and he managed to accomplish his aim. Namely, he invented an “auto-exploration bra” which is specially created to help millions of women from all around the world. The bra that Julian created has 200 sensors that detect early signs of breast cancer.

This bra should be worn for 1 hour per a week. During that period of time, the sensors map the surface of the breast and thus gather important information, including blood flow, color, temperature and texture. After that, the information is transferred via Bluetooth to a computer or application and the woman that wears the bra checks the results if there are any unusual changes.

When Julian was 17, he succeeded to establish a company called Higia Technologies. Starting from this incredibly idea, he established this company with an aim to utilize this ingenious invention and on that way to prevent breast cancer and improve the overall health of the woman that wears the bra.

It is interesting to mention that recently, it received the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards.

Source: www.healthy-food-house.com

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