11 Vegan French Toast Recipes

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Eating vegan doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite foods. These vegan French toast recipes prove that you don’t need eggs to make perfect, decadent French toast.

These vegan French toast recipes prove that you don't need eggs to make perfect, decadent French toast.

I know that for some people eggless French toast may not seem like French toast at all, but these vegan French toast recipes deliver the sweet, crunchy decadence of French toast without any eggs. But I’m not here to argue about the definition of French toast. I’m here to share pictures of delicious vegan food. Let’s cut to the chase!

Vegan French Toast Recipes


1. Tofu French Toast – This is a basic vegan French toast recipe that you can use as a jumping-off point for all kinds of flavor experiments! Not all vegan French toast is made with tofu, but it does work really well for getting the right batter consistency.

Baileys and Black Tea French Toast from Spabettie

2. Bailey’s and Black Tea – Homemade Irish cream is the star of this rich, flavorful vegan French toast recipe.

Vanilla French Toast with Strawberry Sauce from Fried Dandelions

3. Vanilla French Toast with Strawberry Sauce – This soy-free vegan French toast gets its crunchiness from chickpea flour. But don’t worry—it doesn’t taste like chickpeas. Just like vanilla-strawberry amazingness.

Hazelnut French Toast from Veggie Inspired Journey

4. Hazelnut Overnight French Toast Bake – This breakfast casserole is easy and tasty. Mix it up the night before, and pop it into the oven in the morning for a panful of sweet, sticky deliciousness.

Vegan French Toast from Wallflower Kitchen

5. Quick & Easy Vegan French Toast – Pumpkin pie spice makes this basic French toast recipe anything but.

Mini Vegan French Toast Casseroles from Go Dairy Free

6. Mini Maple French Toast Casseroles – French toast baked in little ramekins—it doesn’t get cuter! The vegan substitutions for this recipe are in the notes section.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast from Vegan Yack Attack

7. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast – I KNOW. Crispy, sweet French toast stuffed with rich, creamy pumpkin filling. Brunch, anyone?

Blueberry French Toast Muffins from Veggies Dont Bite

8. Blueberry French Toast Muffins – These vegan French toast muffins are kid-tested and omnivore approved. Sophia also includes tips on how to make this recipe quick and easy, so be sure to read through the body of the post before you get started with the recipe.

Cinnamon French Toast from Plant Powered Kitchen

9. Cinnamon French Toast – This is a new-to-me vegan French toast technique. Dreena uses a mix of soaked, raw cashews and chia seeds to make the batter. There is a nut free option to accommodate folks with food allergies.

Vegan Eggnog French Toast from Veganosity

10. Vegan Eggnog French Toast with Cracked Cranberry Maple Syrup – What’s a better way to make eggless French toast than with eggless eggnog? The recipe calls for store-bought nog, but you can make your own vegan eggnog, too!

French Toast Casserole from Fried Dandelions

11. French Toast Casserole – The struesel topping really takes this baked vegan French toast recipe over the top. A perfect brunch recipe!

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